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Coffret 1920 Savons Parfums Soap Gift Set





Skin Type


Cologne, Green Tea, Lavender, Rose, Scented Sampler 1, Scented Sampler 2

SKU: FJ0030


Long lasting and made from the purest natural ingredients, this superbly moisturizing soap is suitable for all skin types. Our one of a kind three piece soap set will complement any mood.

Our Coffret 1920 Savons Parfums Soap Gift Set is available in four enchanting scents including Cologne, Lavender, Green Tea, and Rose. Each box set is elegantly arranged in three-of-a kind gift box. If you are not set on a scent we offer two sampler sets.

These soaps are made from plant-based naturally derived non-petroleum ingredients.Minimal processing of the plant extract as opposed to being produced synthetically. These products do not contain any substances on debated ingredients.

We use a traditional soap making technique to craft our Citrus, Lavender and Green Tea triple Milled Soap. Lavender fragrance is considered to be uplifting, peaceful and serene.Blended in beautiful rosewater extract, Citrus and Green Tea to gently cleanse your skin, leaving it soft, moisturized, and with a light refreshing scent. Our combination of plant essence are unique cleansing and softening bars that is as simple and pure as a soap can be.


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