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Some of us will select a brand with an attractive fragrance because it smells good. Other people choose perfumes that fit their lifestyles. The scent is the first sensory attribute experienced when we explore new products.  The smell of fragrance is a part of how we see ourselves, how we live, how we feel about the world, and the colors we like. The other driving forces in our decisions to choose the right product is health and wellbeing. The desire that touches every aspect of our lives, and scents highlighting this lifestyle reflect restful, restorative, uplifting environments which complement our desires for softer, calming colors.

For hundreds, even thousands, of years, perfume was made from natural, ethyl alcohol, but not so today. The essential oils in our Eau de Colognes are from a variety of flowers, herbs, leaves, fruit rinds, seeds, branches, and even sap.

Browse our collection you will find a favorite fragrance note for you today.