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Wholesale Beauty Products Online

Thank you for your interest in the availability of Xiri’s wholesale beauty products online.

We offer a unique line of products made from natural compounds that intend to not only treat the symptoms of problem skin but also heal the underlying causes of such problem. Our holistic approach allows our products to work together as a system that not only physically enhances your body but one that also helps your mind and spirit. At Xiri, we believe all things are interconnected and the whole-body approach works best.

Our wholesale beauty supply online offerings are the same as our consumer products. You can select from any of our online products to carry in your salon or spa. Our C-Products, Evoluderm and Divine Fragrance lines are available for wholesale purchase in three-item packs for any product. There is no minimum number per order.

Our holistic approach allows our products to work together as a system that not only improves your body but which also helps your mind and spirit.

Our Clinic Line products are available in bulk sizes of 5-kilogram drums, 1-kilogram re-sealable pouches and 5-liter containers. Products are also available in 500-milliliter dispensers, 350-milliliter jars, 250-milliliter sprayers and 1-liter, 200-milliliter and 250-milliliter bottles. Minimum order for Clinic products is 100 kilograms, which can include a combination of bulk and retail sizes.

No matter the size of your salon or spa, you can carry our nourishing and healing products. Among the unique ingredients we use are Dead Sea mud and salt, which are celebrated for their properties to help reduce acne, psoriasis and eczema.

For more information about our wholesale beauty products online, contact us today.