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Customer Testimonials

"The C products are super! I travel a lot to the Middle East, Asia and Central America but only found the C products last year at Amman's-Jordan duty free store. The aromatherapy massage oil is the Best! It relaxes me and I love the light texture and it does not stain my bed sheets or cloth and the wonderful relaxing aroma is unbelievable! I recommended it to all my friends!" - Paula Shapiro
"The Mineral Bath Salts from the Dead Sea took the soreness out of my ankles after they were injured while jogging. I simply soaked my feet in water and the salts. The soreness went away allowing me to walk without pain. I would recommend the bath salts to anyone that has soreness in their body." - Esther Pearson
"I've tried a variety of 'fragrant' bath salts. But none come close to the relaxing, restoration you feel when using bath crystals imported from the Dead Sea. You'll feel marvelous after the first use! The facial masks are also great!" - Anonymous
"I was lucky enough to receive a selection of C-Products and absolutely LOVED the C- Soap. I have had acne my whole life and have seen every dermatologist and tried just about every treatment plan to no avail until I discovered C Soap." - Mary Jo, U.S.A
"I bought one of your products in Amman and I am very convinced about the results." - Ariane Koch, Germany
"The cleanser & the moisturizer that you gave to everyone. It was nice." - Doctor Michele McEllen, Chiropractor
"While visiting Jordan past Christmas I bought some of your C-Products. The hair care C-Wave 2 is Great !" - Carol Wyss, England
"My husband and I recently visited the Marriott Dead Sea Spa and Resort in Jordan, and we fell in love with the CProducts Massage Oil used there." - Susan and Matt Mann,U.S.A
"I bought one of your products in Amman and I am very convinced about the results." - Ariane Koch, Germany
"When I was in Jordan Last year I bought the Oil of Massage Oil C-Slim, in the airport and it has been the best oil that I have used it in my professional career for what I like to have it." - Iciar Ruiz Castillo, Spain
"I have a skin problems and eczema, and the C-Bath Salt helped me a lot." - Virginie Peeters, Belgique
"I bought during a vacation in Jordan a face Cream as per enclosed with which I am very pleased and would like to continue using it." - Anna Mosca, Switzerland
"About 12 years ago work colleague visited Jordan and brought back some of your products as present. My present was the C-Silk and I rubbed it into my skin where I had slight eczema patches. They disappeared and my skin felt lovely. I have not suffered from it for 12 years." - Cathy Noble, England
"I live in the U.S. and tried your products while on vacation in Jordan. I just love them." - Chris Jamieson, U.S.A
"We are from Taiwan, interested in your unique beauty products. Thus, I wrote this letter to show our appreciation, and strong interest in them. Once we ever asked one friend visiting Jordan to buy your products for us, and have personal experience since then. As you know, the feeling is really good and amazing, which arose our idea to get your products continuously." - Felicia Shih, Taiwan
"I bought C-Products some years ago and would like to buy new ones. I really appreciate very much the high quality of those products." - Maria Helena Diogo, Brazil
"During my first visit to Jordan in October 2006 I purchased a large gift for myself and my two sisters. We all agree that we cannot do without your sea Salts, Hand Cream, Foot Cream and Olive Oil Soap. Your products are awesome. So now I have a jar of the C-Mud Body Wrap and I Just Looove it! It’s amazing what it does to the body." - Asmahan Nour
"I tried C-Derm Plus and I really LOVE it." - Fayza Wehbeh, Lebanon
"Last week I was in Amman and happened to purchase some of your products, it did impress me a lot and I want to continue using your products like Masks." - Abdul Ayub, U.A.E
"I had the pleasure of visiting Jordan last year and purchasing some of your Natural Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt with Menthol, and have happily used them all up. I might be able to purchase some more, please let me know, So I can do to enjoy them in a hot bath once again." - Jane W. Manchee, Canada
"My wife was given a tub of your the Spa, Dead Sea /mud by a friend and this product has made quite an improvement on my wife’s skin which effected by Psoriasis." - M G Wall, England
"During my holiday in Jordan, I bought some of your products, like C-Therapy, C-Mask, Massage oils..etc. My friends and I found that there are very fantastic and excellent. We would like to buy more." - Judy Su, Taiwan
"I am looking forward to be able to enjoy these of your relaxing Massage Oil again, which I as well together with some other C-Products, highly recommend to friends and family. As I have a skin problem, using the Relaxing Massage Oil on a daily base is the only successful treatment for me." - Lynn DeBacker, Qatar
"I would like to say you many thanks for the real unique C-Products. Use the C-Sal let me refuse the application of many useless products for the face, hair and body care. I have really fallen in love with the C-Sal and want to use it again and again, as everything good, has ran out and I am downcast now." - Irina Menyaylo, Russia
"Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your C-Fair products. Iwas in Jordan-Dead Sea and I could buy a whitening Cream. I think it’s the best." - Rosa Cibeira, Spain
"A friend of mine gave me the soap after her trip. Being satisfied with the wonderful quality, I would like to buy some more for my personal use." - Keiko Suzuki, Japan
"Your C-Wave product Shampoo and Conditioner with Dead Sea Salts and Olive Oil is the best Shampoo I ever had! It is very good for people with Psoriasis." - Alexander Fluhr, Germany
"I had the chance to try some of your products (Salts, Mud, Soap and foot Cream) which I found excellent so my best compliments to you!" - Daniela Pierottii, Italy
"I live in U.K and I visited Jordan earlier in the year and bought the hand cream which fantastic. I would like to order some more, plus other products." - Julie Davis, England
"Hello, I bought your products the first time at the expo in Hannover, Germany and was very surprised about the very good quality." - Oliver Rohweder, Germany
"Coming back from Tunisia, I have discovered there your Relaxing Massage Oil. I must tell you it made me feel much better than I ever felt before with my skin problems." - Josiane Guillore, France
"I was given a sample of C-Bath at a travel trade show and I am really impressed with it. I really love it, I think it is fantastic." - Jayne Gribben, Spain
"In the moven pick Dead Sea and Spa I bought some products (Mud Mask, Scrub and Soap) because I have problems with my skin (face). Now I need some more products because my skin is much better than ever. The products are really very, very good." - Petra Kraller, Germany
"Last May I bought a bottle of C-Touch body Lotion in the airport in Amman but I’m running out of it! I think it’s a wonderful product and would like to buy some more and also try some of your other products." - Nell DeJong, Holland
"I got a package of C-Sal as a present from the Dead Sea I tried it, it felt great and was helpful for my skin-disease . I would like to use it again." - Vera Leismann,Germany
"Please help me! I had become 60 years to run into the best shampoo I have ever used in my life. My daughter brought a bottle of your product from Jordania as a present. Now I hardly dare to wash my hair anymore because I’m running out of it." - Jutta Doring- Grimm,Spain
"My husband and I recently visited Jordan Valley Marriott Spa and Resort where we were introduced to the wonderful products you’ve created like Spa Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage Oil." - Susan Mann,Saudi Arabia
"We use your products for years now, specially the Silk Hand Cream and the whole family likes it very much." - Isolde Jakob,Germany
"I could buy the C-Mask for skin, now it’s over and I cannot find such a good and perfect of the Dead Sea here at home like this." - K. Modrok,Germany
"I was in Jordan, at the Marriott Hotel and Resort on Dead Sea, at the Spa of the hotel I bought some products of yours, both as gift for friends and for myself. I am using them at home and I am very satisfied." - Maura Girola, Italy
"I came to Jordan and I discovered your products. They are very good products even the best one C-Silk Hand Cream." - Merotto Marie,France
"I was recently given the C-Kit gift set from my auntie who visited Jordan, and I have found the products to absolutely fabulous and so effective." - Angela Healey,England
"I just returned yesterday from the Dead Sea in Jordan. I bought many of your products I Loved them all!!!, I really would LOVE to purchase these products again." - Cenza Kelly,U.S.A