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Treatments Therapy

Scalp & Hair Loss Treatment Programs

Here a Xiri we offer, we wide range of hair and scalp treatments. We believe the key to a better hairs starts from the root. Our state of the art product and treatment program will result and a better scalp, better hair, and a better you.

We Build Long term Relationship With Our Clients

Each program is designed, and personalized for each clients.

All treatment plan is to Purify and Detoxify your Scalp and Hair funnels by Eliminating impurities and sebum that block the vital development of your Hair and Scalp.

Our Trichologist Technician, will follow the progression of your treatment and will guide You so you can see results for yourself.

The exclusive hair care products used by us are natural ingredients Each product is 100% free of Polymers, Silicones and Preservative agents.

All products are plant base & holistic treatments selected and prescribed by our experts.