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Ingredients Glossary

We create our products from substances found in certain plants. The long history of plants is known to benefit human health and help prevent various diseases. It also benefits all living things, insects, and other animals—the complete ecosystem is part of what we know and do—sustainable, recyclable, healthy, and total goodness.

Traditional medicine is synergic ingredients. The processes that sustain and preserve the life-force of all beings is nature—utilizing innovations of modern nutritional science for each product and component of plants we source or create.

Phytonutrients from plants are life-sustaining, nutrients. We aim to ensure that each of our finished products has the potential to impact your health and well-being genuinely and positively.

ACACIA – Healthy Prebiotic
Acacia is an incredible substance and has many benefits. After much research, We included it in our organic vitamin products. We discovered how to use it to create the first bona fide organic tablet in the entire industry based on 100% whole-food nutritional components. Acacia comes from the sap of acacia trees. The primary source is Africa, where it plays a significant role in the economy of parts of arid Africa. Our Acacia is 100% organic and not “processed.” Hence, it still contains its native Arabinogalactans – a family of compounds with immune-supporting properties. Acacia is also soluble with proven prebiotic properties to support a healthy gut microbiome.

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