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A revolutionary thinning treatment for traction alopecia – due to weaving, braiding, relaxing, or blow-drying. This product is highly effective and fast-absorbing. This breakthrough formula supports healthy natural hair growth in areas of severe and localized fall out caused by pulling on curly, coiled, and relaxed hair when weaving, braiding, and relaxing.

  • Treatment counter hardening of collagen fiber around the hair follicle that prevents re-growth.
  • Promotes healthy new growth in areas of fall out and to restore density.
  • Help to soothe tight and sensitive scalps.
  • Hydrates, nourish, strengthen scalp and hair.

Clinically proven to help regrow hair. 80% of women experienced denser hair in just six (6) weeks.

How To Use

  1. Attached nozzle and shake. Spray directly onto damp or dry scalp, section by section, particularly to the areas where traction hair thinning is most obvious.
  2. Gently massage into scalp to create microcirculation and absorption.


Tip: Apply 3 x a week.


Darutoside – counters the hardening of the collagen fiber around the hair follicle that prevents hair re-growth and promote new collagen production.

Anageline – stimulates microcirculation to create an optimal environment for healthy new hair growth. Promotes keratin production to allow for thicker hair, denser, stronger hair to surface.

Sulfur Amino Acids trio – Repairing benefits, fortifies and repairs hair out layers (called cuticles), to remain stronger, and healthier hair.

Kiegla & Moringa Oils – Hydrate, nourish and protect with anti-free radical action.