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This soft satin cap keeps your hair hydrated, encouraging healthier, less brittle hair. Wearing our bonnet helps prevent friction while you sleep at night, reducing the amount of frizz you will wake up to in the morning. The caps are no ordinary thin satin fabric. Having your hair protected alleviates stress and helps to prevent split ends. If you suffer from dry strands or scalp irritation, silk will be the gift you wish you would have already given yourself.

It prevents breakage and saves your hairstyle!

• Bonnet caps are an essential part of most women’s beauty routines.
• Protect the hair from the harsh treatment of cotton fabric (ex. pillowcases) while we sleep.
• Retain moisture which is a critical factor in promoting hair growth and maintaining a healthy hairstyle.
• No flat-bed head, hair looks fresh and fabulous.
• Caps are made with a thick wide durable elastic band to keep your hair in place all night.
• Our bonnets work for even the most restless of sleepers.
• Breathable and hypoallergenic for maximum comfort.
• Bonnet caps feel silky, smooth, and comfortable fit.
• Wear them in the day to protect and secure your hairstyle in place.
• Durable and of the highest quality fabric.
• Wake with no more dry and frizzy hair!

How to Use

Hand wash in cool water, hang dry.