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A complete dietary supplement. This chewable Orange & Berry Fruit Flavors is uniquely balanced to nourish your child’s health and growth.  It has vitamins to support immunity, bones, teeth, energy, eyes and digestion. It contains high potency b-Vitamins to help convert food into energy. High potency vitamin C for skin, immunity & eyes. No artificial flavor or preservatives. High Potency b-vitamins to help convert food into energy, High potency vitamin C for skin, immunity & Eyes, Orchard Fruits Garden Veggies powder blend (150mg per servings), Antioxidants: Vita C, Vita E, and beta carotene.

How To Use:

Directions: Children 2 years of age and older, chew 2 tablets daily. If taking any medications, consult a healthcare professional before use.


Orchard Fruits & Garden veggies 150mg. Blend (Juice Powders: Plum: Pear: Tomatoes: Canberry: Cherry: Cabbage: Carrot: Cauliflower: Blueberry: Grape: Apricot: Papaya: Orange: Pineapple: Asparagus: Broccoli: Brussels Sprout: Celery: Green Bean: Spinach: Pmegranate (Seed): Aci Extract: (Whole Palm Fruit) : Citrus Bioflavoniods Complex 30mg (from lemon: Orange: Grapefruit: lime: and Tangerine).