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This Detoxifying Body Mud Wrap features pure Dead Sea mud that naturally exfoliates and draws toxins out of the body, while it replenishes skin with essential minerals, nutrients and stimulates circulation, leaving skin smooth, fresh and relaxed. Beneficial for skin conditions.

Recommended for:

• Detoxifying the skin of all hidden impurities.

• Removes dirt, skin debris, and sweat secretions.

• Nourishes the skin with valuable minerals necessary for healthy looking skin.

• Eases aches in the joints and muscles due to its ability to absorb and conserve heat.

• Tightening the skin.

• Stimulates blood circulation.

• Releases toxins.

How to Use

Cleanse body and pat dry. Place enough mud in a dish and warm in microwave. Apply a thick layer of warm mud to entire body. Wrap body with saran plastic to allow mud to deeply penetrate into the body. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes or until completely dry. C-Mud can be used up to 3 times per week or as required. Remove mud with warm water or by showering.

Optional: For stiff, aching joints and muscles, warm some mud in a dish and apply to affected areas, then wrap with saran plastic for 15-20 minutes. Remove mud with warm water or by showering.


Pure Dead Sea black mud (filtered, purified and stabilized).