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HERMAGEN®Dead Sea Salt Crystal 100% Natural & Pure for Acne* Dermatitis* Eczema * Psoriasis * & Dermatologic Conditions.

The Dead Sea crystal contains over 21 mineral properties. As a part of your body health routine, Hermagen Dead Sea salt crystal naturally deep cleanse fatty deposits and skin debris through the process of absorption. The crystal salt is disinfecting and purifying the skin from any pollutions and toxins. In addition, providing essential mineral by nourishing, balancing the skin pH, and retaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The Magnesium in the Dead Sea crystal bath known as nature’s relaxation mineral—to better our health.

The beautifying effects are: Soothes, softens and relaxes skin while also relieving stress and aching, tired muscles.

Our Bath & Body care products are made with natural, nourishing ingredients not usually found in an online body and bath store.

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Our C-Products include hand creams and body lotions containing Dead Sea salt, which is known to help maintain healthy and beautiful skin. The mud treatments are made from Dead Sea mud which is rich in minerals including magnesium and potassium. Our C-Soaps are made with olive oil, an ancient body treatment. C-Plus Soap includes Dead Sea mud which helps disinfect skin and treats acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Dead Sea salt is also used in our C-Bath and C-Therapy Salt for soaking. The C-Therapy Salt includes natural botanicals for aromatherapy use.

Our Evoluderm bath & body products include scented body scrubs, skin lotions and massage oils and creams. Evoluderm also offers depilatory creams enriched with aloe vera, vitamin A, E and F.

The Evoluderm lotions include Shea butter, which contains vitamins A and E; known to help heal cracked, aged and damaged skin. The whitening lotions from this same product line help reduce the appearance of dark spots, freckles and other skin discolorations that may be caused by age, the sun, minor scars or pregnancy.

A3 body care are selected ingredients able to improve the texture, tone, and brightness of the skin. These lotions and creams are highly moisturizing, leaving the skin hydrated, nourished, repaired and firm with no trace of grease.

All types of skin (African, Asian and Caucasian) may suffer from local darkening caused by an excessive production of melanin following a prolonged exposure to the sun, a pregnancy, the use of contraceptives or photosensitizing products. In addition to inflammation or lesions of the skin. These blemishes, typically referred to as Dark Spots of the skin, may be corrected with the use of our specific cosmetic products.

Our products are dermatologically tested with ingredients of a Verified Effectiveness and not harmful to the skin.

For more information about our bath & body products, please feel free to contact us today.

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