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This creamy conditioner treatment is for hair that is dry, damaged, and brittle. With key ingredient of Coconut milk leaves your hair silky and easy to comb. Prevents breakage when combing damp hair.

• The conditioner instantly detangles and provides deep-down treatment dry & brittle hair.

How To Use

1. After shampoo, apply a generous amount from the top of the hair shaft and avoiding the scalp area.
2. Comb through for even distribution of conditioner.
3. Rinse thoroughly and style as usual.

For very porous hair – Deep conditioner for 15-20 minutes under hair steamer or plastic cap.
Tip: Use the Essential Oil Treatment for the scalp – Purifies and balance the scalp for dry, oily, itchy, sensitive and promote hair growth.


Coconut Milk & Oil – Certified natural ingredients.
Citric Acid – Balances the scalp’s acid mantle to prevent unfriendly bacteria from building up and aid in keeping the scalp’s moisture level.
Vitamin E – Help to keep the hair from aging too soon and provides nourishment to hair.
Olive Fruit Oil – This is beneficial for dry and thick hair. It helps to keep moisture in the hair and strengthen the hair shaft and mend split ends.
Safflower Seed Oil – Increase hair growth and improves hair texture. The oils increase the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles and provide room for hair growth.

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