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This gift set consists of-
1. Massage oil with essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary & Vitamin F. 99.8% natural.
2. Jojoba oil -with anti-aging active ingredients and Vitamin F.
3. Macadamia oil -great for sensitive skin.
4. Avocado oil is rich vitamins A, D, and E, fantastic anti-oxidant.
5. Sweet Almond oil is great for fragile types, and babies cleansing needs. Enriched with vitamin F, and 100%.
6. Carrot oil enriched with vitamin A & F, and 100% natural. Works to firm and regenerate the skin with softening action. Carrot oil prepares the skin for tanning and restores a healthy skin tan.
7. Argan oil is moisturizing & revitalizing. Enriched with vitamin F, it helps to prevent drying and aging of the skin. Great treatment for dry and color-treated hair.

Note: We customize basket from all the line of products.
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