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Drilling For Natural Beauty Oil


When we try to relax, regenerate, and clear our minds from our busy and stressful days, we might seek to visit spas or retreats. However, it is not always possible to drop everything to go on a spa vacation. Now due to COVID 19, our lack of limited personal contact does cause undue stress for many of us. We avoid unnecessary exposure, to prevent the spread of the virus – Now is the time to create the same spa experience your wishing for right at home.

Your home – whether big, small, or somewhere in between – is your sanctuary, and stress is to be left at the door so that you can focus and care for your body, mind, and soul.

The more comforting the environment, you will gradually begin to feel good from a luxurious, therapeutic Bath and or from an invigorating shower with our One Love Natural soap and or prepare for a restful night’s sleep with our handmade Lavender soap. The selections for Bath * Body* Feet * Shower* and Spa baskets specially created to fit your routine.


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This gift set consists of-
1. Massage oil with essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary & Vitamin F. 99.8% natural.
2. Jojoba oil -with anti-aging active ingredients and Vitamin F.
3. Macadamia oil -great for sensitive skin.
4. Avocado oil is rich vitamins A, D, and E, fantastic anti-oxidant.
5. Sweet Almond oil is great for fragile types, and babies cleansing needs. Enriched with vitamin F, and 100%.
6. Carrot oil enriched with vitamin A & F, and 100% natural. Works to firm and regenerate the skin with softening action. Carrot oil prepares the skin for tanning and restores a healthy skin tan.
7. Argan oil is moisturizing & revitalizing. Enriched with vitamin F, it helps to prevent drying and aging of the skin. Great treatment for dry and color-treated hair.

Note: We customize basket from all the line of products.
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How to Use

To use, wet the loofah in warm water to soften, apply your favorite soap, and gently massage the skin. Remember to always massage toward the heart.
Loofah Pad

This is our oval Loofah Pad with natural loofah on one side and terry on the other. Its size is 5″ x 7″. Providing gentle exfoliation, it lathers nicely, and your skin will feel very smooth afterwards. Regular use helps ensure those little bumps and dry, flaky skin will soon be nothing but a memory!


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