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Men Thinning Hair Shampoo



Genetic, chronic, & severe hair loss


4.22 fl. oz. (aluminum tube)

SKU: xiri_8121119810


A thinning shampoo that helps men with generic, chronic & hereditary hair loss. The cleansing action of this shampoo prepared the scalp, hair to built back more robust, thick, and dense hair from the serum treatment. 

  • Prepares the scalp and hair for further treatment.
  • Restore hair’s normal life cycle.
  • Prevent premature thinning.
  • Increase microcirculation and stimulate and strengthen the scalp and promote new hair growth.
  • Clinical proven effective in increasing hair’s ensity at the scalp.


How to Use

Apply ¼ of shampoo on wet hair and gently massage into a lather, then rinse.  Repeat shampoo a second time and wait 2-3 minutes. Rinse and towel dry.  Follow by applying the leave in thinning hair serum.


Rooibos, Sage, Ginseng extracts, vitamin B2, zinc, and cinchona bark extract.


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