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Revitalizing Thinning Hair Shampoo



8.45 fl. oz. (250ml).


Thinning hair

SKU: xiri_8716319681


This shampoo is a revitalizing treatment for temporary hair loss. The shampoo treatment begins to improve hair density, luster, and thickness and prepare the scalp Revitalizing Treatment serum,

Hair concerns caused by stress, fatigue, pregnancy (hormonal change), diet, medication, or seasonal changes benefit immediately from this shampoo’s treatments’ action.

  • Encourages keratin production to improve hair density and thickness
  • Stimulates the scalp micro-circulation.
  • Prevent premature grey hair.
  • Imparts strength and vitality to hair


How to Use

Fill a 1/2 shampoo cap, place shampoo into your palms, work the shampoo between your palms, and apply it to wet scalp and hair. Then gently massage the shampoo on the scalp and hair and rinse.

Fill another 1/2 cap of shampoo (2nd wash) into your palms, work the shampoo between your palms, and apply it to wet scalp and hair. Wait for a few seconds, then rinse.

Tip: Shampoo may not lather on the 1st application. However, on 2nd application of shampoo is where the most lather will appear. Also, keep in mind that the lather is not the reason why the shampoo is working. It is complex of the shampoo ingredients.


Grape Seed Procyanidins – is an excellent extract created to protect the scalp and hair from external forces (pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, medication, and more). It prevents hair loss protecting the hair bulb from damage.

Ginkgo Biloba – works at a cellular level stimulating the hair bulbs (microcirculation) to receive nutrients, hydration, and protecting the hair bulb.

Cinchona Bark – stimulates and accelerates new hair growth while strengthening the scalp.




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