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Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Relaxer No-Lye Ultra Nourishing for Sensitive Scalp. This formula made with natural plants and butters. The relaxer is gently to your hair with superior straightening. Hair will be softer and easier to manage with added body, bounce, and volume This system will also nourish the hair from inside out.

  • Conditions your hair and scalp throughout the relaxing process.
  • Sensitive scalp formula combines gentle relaxing and superior straightening results.
  • Guava-mango fragrance provides a soothing aromatherapy experience while relaxing your hair.

How To Use

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before applying this permanent relaxer system.

If you do not have experience applying relaxers, please consult a professional prior to your first application.
If you decide to apply the relaxer yourself, always perform a strand test prior to applying to the entire head.
If you have previously relaxed hair, relax only the new growth.


  • Do not use on previously highlighted, bleached, permed, or henna-treated hair.
  • This product should only be applied to healthy hair.
  • Do not apply the relaxer to the scalp.
  • Follow the warnings as indicated in the enclosed leaflet.

Read the instructions carefully prior to the application. Please consult a professional prior to 1st application.


Shea butter, Coconut oil, Aloe & Tea Tree, Olive Oil, Vitamin E