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A Revitalizing Hair Thinning Treatment Serum for temporary hair loss due to stress, diet, medication, hormonal and seasonal changes. Applying this serum directly on the scalp help stimulates microcirculation and provides all the nutrients to kick start healthy new hair growth, increase the thickness of hair strands, and delay gray hair appearance.

How to Use

Apply to scalp after shampoo and conditioner, after towel-drying the scalp and hair. With the attached applicator, break the top of the vial. Then attach the applicator tip. Begin to section hair and apply directly on the scalp the entire ampoule,  and then gently massage the scalp to distribute.

DO NOT RINSE HAIR. Style hair as usual.

Tip: Use 2 x per week for 1 month/1 per week for 2 months. This is a 3-month treatment supply.


Ginkgo Biloba and Viburnum prevent thinning hair, stimulate new growth, and increase circulation.

Grape Procyanidins stop oxidation.

Tyrosine slows down the graying process.

Silk Amino acids (Protein) enhance the structure of the hair fiber.

Vitamin B6 encourages keratin production.