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A3 Lemon Ultra-Smoothing Moisturizing Body Oil



260ml (8.79 fl. oz)

Skin Type

Dry, Stressed Skin

SKU: xiri_722651385


This Moisturizing Body Oil help skin stays hydrated and delivers visibly healthy youth-looking skin.

  • Jojoba oil prevents dehydration.
  • The lemon extract helps to lighten and brighten skin.
  • Anti-aging and nourishing.
  • JIdeal after bath, shower and sun exposure.


How to Use

  1. Apply morning and evening, on clean skin, start at the chest and then all over the body.
  2. Using light circular massage to allow oil to absorb quickly.


Cirus Extract – lightens and brightens skin tone leaving skin soft, silky, and non-greasy.

Jojoba oil – Prevents dehydration.


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