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XiriMist odor eliminator spray is freshens the air and is safe around babies, pets, and plants.

• Non-toxic, fresh and pleasing scent without irrirants.
• Purifies the air by absorbing unpleasant odors.

How to Use

1. Spritz 1-2 mist or more if needed.
2. In a few moments, the neutralizers have taken effect, all that remains is the smell of fresh pure air.

Tip: First time users reported a light aroma of Lemon. This is one of the ingredients in our odor eliminator.


ELECTROLYZED WATER (acidic) – Odor eliminator (Sodium Bicarbonate; a natural salt), Lemon and ACACIA.

Tip: XiriMist DOES NOT CONTAIN Phthalates, parabens, benzene, triclosan, acetone, dichlorobenzene, quaternary ammonium, enzymes, aerosol chemicals or anything else known to be toxic, debatable, or unsafe. We do not use natural or essential oils with higher irritability levels such as Peppermint, Musk, Balsam, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus.
Safe to us – use at home, office, vehicles, furniture, clothing, bathroom, bed linens, and at the cottage.