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Hermagen Sonic Electric Toothbrush uses high-frequency vibration. With a wet toothbrush and toothpaste, create microbubbles to clean teeth, break up plaque, remove stains, and massage gums. Proper oral care routine, regular teeth brushing twice a day, regular dental checkups, and using this toothbrush can help prevent cavities and bad breath. Your mouth becomes healthy.

The Toothbrush comes fully charged and ready to use.
• Additional modes/features that compare favorably with the leading brands in oral health care.
• Dupont Bristle and FDA Certification.
• Toothbrush can stay immersed into a 1-meter-deep of water for up to 30 minutes, and the toothbrush still works correctly.
• 60+ days battery life – the standard sonic toothbrush only offers 14 days of battery life.
• 38,000+ Brushstrokes a minute – it removes plaque with superior efficiency and precision.
5-Gear Mode: –
Clean – This is the standard Mode for daily teeth cleaning
White – This Mode works a bit harder to remove surface stains.
Refresh – Touch-up for a quick clean at any time during the day.
Gum Care – Use this Mode to massage your gums for better circulation and healthy gums.
Polish – Use this Mode to polish and remove stubborn stains.

How to Use

1. Wet toothbrush with water or with mouth wash.
2. Add toothpaste.
3. Start toothbrush.
Mode switching:
The start button on the product is also the mode switch button.
After power on, press the start button within 3 seconds to switch Mode.
Switching order: Clean>White>Refresh>Gum Care>Polish>shutdown

Tip: Switch to another mode suitable for you to transition from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush. The tenderness generally stops over sensitive gum in 1 to 2 weeks; if it lasts more than two weeks, you should stop using this electric toothbrush and consult your dentist.

Operation instructions: (included in packaging):
1. Press the start button on the toothbrush.
2. The last Mode used after startup is automatically selected.
3. The toothbrush runs at a low speed in the first 2 seconds and automatically adjust to different speed rate after 2 seconds.
4. The total running time in all modes is 2 minutes, with a short pause every 30 seconds as a reminder.

Recommendation: Keeping your toothbrush fresh and sanitized in between replacements:
1. Disinfect your brush after using it. Put your toothbrush head to soak in a small cup of antibacterial mouthwash or rubbing alcohol for a few minutes before or after brushing.
2. Keep your brush upright to allow water to drain away from the brush head, and airflow will help the brush dry and prevent fungi from growing.

• Check the toothbrushes for evidence of damage before each use. If there is damage or you accidentally dropped your toothbrush, check for it before use and or do not use it.
• If you are currently undergoing treatment after dental treatment or oral surgery, have other diseases such as a cavity, loose teeth, dentures, long-term bleeding, sensitive gum, and teeth, consult with your dentist before using this electric toothbrush.
• Using this toothbrush may cause itchy, numb, or bleeding gums when using this product for the first time.
• Do not become alarmed; the gums still have not adjusted to the vibration of the toothbrush’s high frequency. After two days or within a week, your gums will adapt to the pulse vibration. If your sensitivity lasts more than a week, consult your dentist.
• This toothbrush is a personal cleaning product. It would be best if you did not allow anyone else to use it.
• Do not place your toothbrush in the sun.
• Do not take the toothbrush into a bath or shower.
• If you have a heart implant or other device installed, consult your physician before using this product. If you feel any discomfort or pain after use, please stop use immediately and seek the help of your dentist.
• If you have any medical concerns, please consult your doctor before using this electric toothbrush.
• This product is not suitable for children under seven years old or anyone with mental disabilities who cannot operate the toothbrush.
• This toothbrush can only be equipped with our brush head and accessories and you should not use the toothbrush when charging.
• To protect the battery life, avoid direct sunlight, fire, and other direct heat sources, which may cause liquid leakage, fire, and explosion to occur.