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Etoffe de Parfum For Women




50 ml, 100 ml

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Etoffe de Parfum for women is irresistible and the very essence of femininity and sexuality.

Soie (Sage) fragrance – is a powdery rose, and violet spread their fresh, silky petals, raspberry adds softness, and jasmine shines. The base note is a wrapping caress of benzoin, musk, and Rosewood.

Family: Powdery – Floral

Top note: Bergamot/Pepper/Pink berry/Raspberry.

Heart note: Delicate Rose/Rose/Jasmine/ Violet.

Base note: Benzoin/White Musk/Sandalwood/Rosewood.

Velours (Velvet) – A velvety evocation is sewn by the finest and most caressing ingredients: voluptuous scents of jasmine and frangipani flowers, a powdery touch of heliotrope, enveloping and sensual depth of Musk, Vanilla, and amber notes.

Family: Amber – Vanilla

Top note: frangipani blossom/Orange blossom.

Heart note: Jasmine/Heliotropine.

Base note: Amber/Vanilla/White Musk/Patchouli.

Tentation Dentelle (Lace) The irresistible seduction of patchouli embroidered with incense, a sensuality highlighted by amber and gourmet fruits unveils unfolds in a heart of petals. A “hide and seek” play such as lace worn next to the skin.

Family: Oriental – Fruity

Top note: Plum/Bergamot.

Heart note: Jasmine/Geranium/Tuberose/Rose.

Base note: Patchouli/Incense/Tonka bean/Guaiac wood.

How to Use

Spray: Immediately after showering on the skin for a long-lasting effect. Hold fragrance 3-6 inches away from your body, pointing the nozzle in the direction of your pulse points (collarbones, back of knees, and inside the elbows).

  • After showering and bath when the pores are open and your body heat penetrates the fragrance deeper for a long-lasting scent.
  • Do not spray your clothes due to the oils in fragrances that will stain your clothes.


Alcohol Denat, (SD Alcohol29C) Parfum (fragrance) Aqua (water), essential oils.


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