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A3 4Ever Bright Lemon Honey White Milk


Lightweight enough to dry quickly, but moisturizing enough to soften even our driest spots. Protects and promotes healthy skin. An antimicrobial, tonic, and refreshing. Take time to care for your body!


400ml (13.52 fl. oz)

Skin Type:

Aging or normal skin

SKU: xiri_1227321008


Lemon Honey White Milk lotion is nourishing and moisturizing, helping brighten and soften aging skin.

• Restores healthy hydration.
• Boost skin radiance.
• Non-Toxic and safe.
• Never tested on animals.

How to Use

1. Apply mornings and evenings on perfectly cleansed skin.
2. Massage delicately until the product is absorbed.

Tip: Do not apply to eye areas – Do not use on irritated or damaged skin – Suspended use if any allergic reaction arises.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place – Do not expose to direct sunlight and always close after use.


Lemon – Powerful extract prevents oxidation of the skin and helps keep skin soft and smooth. Also, brightens the appearance of the skin and tones the body.
Honey – protects and promotes healthy skin


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