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Beauty and Wellness Products

Xiri offers an extensive line of beauty and health care products which are formulated to treat underlying skin issues rather than just covering them. All our health and beauty products contain natural ingredients that are good for your body and assist in natural healing.

  • Special Offers

    Special Offers

    At Xiri, every system begins with a foundation. We put together the most effective ritual for your Beauty, Health and Wellness. These offers are created for you to achieve results and cumulative benefits.
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  • Fragrances


    For hundreds, even thousands, of years, perfume was made from natural, ethyl alcohol, but not so today. The essential oils that are represented in our eau de colognes come from a variety of natural sources: flowers, herbs, leaves, fruit rinds, seeds, and branches...even sap! Browse our collection and bring some home today!
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  • Gifts


    Give someone you love and care about, the gift of naturally derived products. Giving a gift from Xiri provides your loved one with a truly unique experience. All gifts ship free and most can be delivered the very next day.
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  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    Everything in our world is connected and interconnected while we are all different, we all have the same needs. We at Xiri believe that everyone needs more than just cosmetics to enhance their appearance true beauty comes from within and radiates outward. We provide holistic solutions to help you heal, improve, and enhance with long lasting and positive results.
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  • Makeup


    At Xiri we believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Unlike most existing products today, we have researched the latest state-of-the-art ingredients for our products. They have been carefully formulated and tested and are under constant review and evaluation to ensure that we omit all known or suspected irritants to bring you quality products that will protect your skin from everyday damage and enhance your natural beauty.
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  • Men's


    Every man loves to look handsome and attractive at all ages. Clean, healthy and well-nourished skin from our products can play a major role towards achieving this goal. Our skin, body, and hair care products and formulas are free of petrochemicals and animal products. They are derived from all-natural ingredients and essential oils.
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  • Skin Care

    Skin Care

    Our facial products help keep your skin healthy and radiant by alleviating common skin conditions, including acne, eczema, dry or oily skin or combination skin. Our natural ingredients, including organic botanicals and time-honored minerals, are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Explore our wide selection of facial products.
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  • Bath & Body Care

    Bath & Body Care

    Our Bath & Body care products are made with natural, nourishing ingredients not usually found in an online body and bath store. Click on each category to learn more!
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  • Beauty Oils

    Beauty Oils

    The Evoluderm line of beauty oils features non-greasy, seed extracts packed with naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils to nourish the skin. Our beauty oils can help with common conditions, including dry or cracked skin, alleviate blemishes and reduce the look of wrinkles. Try one of our beauty oils today.
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  • Hair Care

    Hair Care

    Xiri offers some of the finest hair products online. Our commitment to using all-natural ingredients in our shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatments give us the edge over other companies offering hair care. Please select any of the categories below to start shopping.
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  • Hands & Feet

    Hands & Feet

    Your hands and feet take a beating. Pamper them with Xiri’s full line of lotions, creams and even nail polish removers without harsh ingredients. All our products include natural oils and emollients. Our C-Products compounds contain mineral-rich salts from the Dead Sea. Discover our solutions for your hands and feet.
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  • Hair Removal

    Hair Removal

    Waxing and depilatory creams leave your skin irritated. Choose a hair-removal product that helps ease that irritation. Xiri carries a full line of hair removal products, and kits include skin soothing ingredients. Our waxing kits come with emollient infused wipes. Shop here with confidence for your hair removal products.
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  • Baby Care

    Baby Care

    Keep your baby clean and happy with all-natural ingredients. Our baby care products contain no soap, alcohol or paraben and are hypoallergenic. Our line of products keeps your baby’s skin protected and nourished with cotton extract, almond milk and other natural moisturizers. Find out more about our baby care products.
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Beauty and Wellness Products

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  • 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

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  • Body Care Products Gift Set - 4-Pieces - C-Collection

    4-Piece Body Care Products Gift Set

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  • 4Ever Bright Body Lotion with Vitamin PP

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  • 4Ever Bright Face Cream with Vitamin PP

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  • day cream

    Absolute Day Cream with Collagen & UV Protection

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  • Acne Mask

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  • Acne Terminator

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  • Active Brightening Face Cream with Collagen

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  • Active Brightening Lotion with Collagen

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  • Active Clarifying Collagen Lotion with Carrot Oil

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  • Active Clarifying Face Cream with Carrot Oil

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  • depilatory cream

    Aloe Vera Depilatory Cream for Legs, Bikini & Underarms

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  • face exfoliant

    Aloe Vera Extract Face Exfoliant

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  • cleansing wipes

    Anti-Aging Cleansing Wipes with Collagen & Vitamin E

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  • Anti-Cellulite Body Mud Wrap - C-Slim

    Anti-Cellulite Body Mud Wrap

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  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Anti-Frizz Keratin Hair Gloss

    Anti-Frizz Keratin Hair Gloss

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  • Antioxidant Fruit Extract

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  • Antioxidant Green Tea Extract

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  • Antiseptic Foot Spray with Mineral-Rich Salts - C-Fresh

    Antiseptic Foot Spray with Mineral-Rich Salts

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Our line of C-Products and C-Clinic includes products made with mud from the Dead Sea, essential oils and botanical extracts.

The Dead Sea mud has been shown to be effective in alleviating certain skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema and acne. It also helps to tighten pores and draw out toxins from the skin.

Our Divine Fragrances collection includes a selection of bath salts, shower gels, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. We also offer a line of scented candles and room sprays.

Xiri’s Evoluderm products target the face, hair and body. Evoluderm products are free from artificial and animal products. Only natural ingredients like shea butter are used in these health and beauty products.

Shea butter is known to help heal cracked, aged and damaged skin. This ingredient also contains vitamin A and E. This will make your skin will be more youthful and your appearance more vibrant.

Our line of cosmetics is made to keep skin moisturized. There are no known irritants in the line of lipsticks which comes in numerous colors and several finishes, including matte, pearl and regular. The lipsticks also are fortified with vitamins A and E. We also offer mascara and blush made from non-allergenic ingredients.

To learn more about our beauty and wellness products, feel free to contact us today.