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Lemon Face Cream Clearing & Control of Stubborn Blemishes with LUMISKIN (*Sun Rays Shield) help to prevent pimples and blackheads by removing excess sebum, dirt and help clear pores and make them appear smaller.

• Ideal for uneven skin tone.
• Removes excess sebum leaving the skin fresh, soft, and gently scented.
• Visibly improved complexion without further darkening of the skin.

How to Use:

1. After cleansing, pat dry skin, apply toner, and then cream from the neck with a sweeping motion upward to the face.
2. Less is more when using this product.


Allantoin and Vitamin E – Works wonders for treating acne, sensitive, and Rosacea skin with soothing benefits and therapeutic effects.
Lemon Extract, Sesame Seed Oil, and Lumiskin Sun Ray Shield – Protect from environmental impact, hormonal age, and pregnancy spots on the face and body.  Melanin contributes to the irregular formation of dark and brown spots.

Tip: Use this treatment program regularly—alternate maintenance treatment with Clear Action Melasma Night Serum for faster results.

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